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Water Heater Repair vs. Replacement: How To Know Which To Choose?

When it comes time to decide whether or not to repair or replace your water heater, it can be a tough choice. Luckily, there are signs that help make that decision easier for you. Whether it be old age, leaks, lack of hot water, or something else, our hope is that this blog helps you know which to choose when it comes time to make that decision.

1. Old Age

If your water heater is over 10 years old, and starting to fail, you may want to forgo a repair and invest in a replacement. Chances are, you’ll need a replacement sooner rather than later anyways.

Solution: Replacement

2. Lack Of Hot Water

Do you step into the shower after a long day, only to find it doesn’t warm up? There’s nothing worse than taking an ice cold shower or bath. In a lot of cases, this is a sign that mineral deposits are blocking the heating element. Unless there’s something else going on here as well, a repair is usually all that’s needed here.

Solution: Repair (and in worst cases, replacement)

3. Frequent Breakdowns

If your plumber is on speed dial and has come to your house more than once over the last month to repair your water heater, then it’s probably more cost-effective to replace it all together.

Solution: Replacement

4. Water Discoloration

Usually, water discoloration is an indication that your water heater has started to not only rust, but also corrode. This indicates a problem with your water heater and should be looked at by a professional. In most cases, it can be repaired without needing a full replacement.

Solution: Repair

5. Leaks

Is your hot water tank leaking? If the leak is small enough, then it can usually be repaired. However, if the leak is significant and large enough, a replacement may be what’s needed.

Solution: Repair or Replacement

6. Strange Noises

Your water heater may start to make strange sounds, which is a sign that it need to be repaired or replaced. Because different sounds have different meanings, it’ll need to be looked at by a plumber to determine if a repair or replacement is necessary. If you’re hearing strange sounds, such as banging, popping, or cracking, contact a plumber right away.

Solution: Repair or Replacement

7. High Energy Bills

If your water heater is too small and unable to keep up with the demands for hot water in your household, you may start to see an increase in your monthly energy bills. Usually, this means you’ll want to install another water heater – or a larger one – that can keep up with those demands.

Solution: Replacement (or Installation)

8. Water Doesn’t Drain Through The Drain Valve

Sediment and mineral deposits that have built-up in your drain line can make it impossible for your water to drain through the valve. That’s why most professionals recommend you drain and flush your water heater annually. If you catch it early enough, you’ll likely get away with a repair. However, if significant damage has been caused as a result, then a replacement may be what’s needed here.

Solution: Usually a Repair

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