Top 6 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your HVAC Unit: A Homeowner’s Checklist

Spring into action with the following spring cleaning tips for your HVAC unit! In this ultimate guide, we walk you through the top 6 action items to add to your checklist today.

1. Dust Your House

Dust if off this spring! If your home is dusty, it could cause a variety of health problems for you and your family, as well as make your HVAC unit work much harder. To prevent dust and dirt from contaminating your indoor air and impacting your HVAC system, thoroughly dust your house. This includes wiping down ceiling fans, furniture, and air vents.

2. Schedule Your Yearly Tune-Up

One of the best things you can do for your HVAC unit this spring is to have it professionally cleaned. We recommend you have your AC system serviced in the early spring and your furnace serviced in the early fall. This will ensure that your unit keeps running at peak performance all season long.

3. Clean Around Your Outdoor Unit

If you have an outdoor unit, make sure nothing is obstructing its airflow! Doing some gardening or yard work this spring? Take time to walk over to your outdoor unit and check around it for any signs of leaves, dirt, or tall grass that may have accumulated over the winter. Built-up debris can interfere with your unit’s airflow and overall performance. The last thing you want to deal with is a malfunctioning AC unit when summer rolls around, so make this one a priority!

4. Look Into A Smart Thermostat

According to ENERGY STAR, it’s estimated that if everyone used a smart thermostat, we could collectively save up to $740 million a year while also offsetting greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 1.2 million vehicles. If this wasn’t incentive enough, smart thermostats can also help you save money on your energy bill. Want to lower your AC costs? This is one good way to do just that this summer!

5. Test Your AC Unit

Take your air conditioner for a little test drive this spring. When temperatures rise, you will be happy you did – trust us. Because your AC unit has likely been lying dormant all winter long, you don’t know what’s going to happen when you turn it on for the first time in several months. Will it be working properly? Will it be working at all? Test your AC unit this spring and if anything appears wrong with it, schedule an appointment with a professional before summer rolls around.

6. Seal Windows and Doors

If you have gaps in your windows and doors, then the cool air coming from your air conditioner could be escaping – and warm air could be coming in. This can create uncomfortable temperatures in your home, and also cause your AC unit to work much harder to cool your space. Seal up all gaps in windows and doors this spring to ensure the cool air stays right where it needs to.

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