If your drains clog, your first thought may be to run to the store and pick up some drain cleaner and get to work. However, that is not always the best solution. In fact, many drain cleaners have toxic chemicals that can cause more harm to your pipes – and to your health. Instead, you should look into professional drain cleaning. Here are the top 6 benefits of hiring a professional for all your drain cleaning needs.

1. Reduces Clogs

Slow drains often indicates you have a blockage or a clog somewhere in your pipes. Over time, debris, waste, and mineral deposits can build up in the walls of your pipes and cause water flow to decrease. Using a plunger, wire hanger, drain cleaners, and other DIY methods aren’t the best for removing clogs. Chemical drain cleaners, in particular, usually loosen the clogs instead of completely removing them. This means the clog just gets pushed further down. It’s a much better idea to invest in professional drain cleaning to remove clogs once and for all.

2. Eliminates Bad Odors

We know the story. No matter how many times you’ve cleaned your drains, you still notice bad smells that linger and won’t go away. Usually, this is because you have waste buildup somewhere deep inside your plumbing that needs to be professionally cleaned.

3. Increases Lifespan of Your Pipes

Like we mentioned briefly above, store-bought drain cleaners can cause harm to your pipes. This is because it’s caustic, and will eat away at your pipes no matter the type of material. Your pipes can be the toughest out there, and drain cleaner can still damage them. Drain cleaners, on the other hand, use high-quality tools and equipment that won’t cause harm to your pipes and will encourage pipe longevity.

4. Saves You Money

If you have a poorly maintained plumbing system that experiences frequent clogs, then you could be dealing with corroded and damaged pipes. This can ultimately lead to water leaks and high water bills. That’s why many homeowners invest in professional drain cleaning, to ensure their system is well-maintained and saving them money.

5. Helps Avoid Flooding

The risk of overflow and flooding increases when your pipe system accumulates buildup, debris and waste. If the flood or overflow is significant, it could cause water damage, costly repairs, and damage to expensive valuables. Cleaning your pipes regularly will help reduce your home’s risk for major flooding problems down the line.

6. Improves Your Health

We talked earlier about bad odors, but what we didn’t touch on was how these bad odors are usually a sign of bacteria and mold growth. This can really impact yours and your family’s health. As a result of exposure, you could experience illnesses, infections and other issues. A clog-free and clean drain will keep bacteria and mold from growing.

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