Whether you’re staying home, or you’re traveling for the holidays, these heating hacks are helpful in avoiding a nightmare before Christmas.

1. Be Careful About Décor Placement

‘Tis the season to decorate! When you do though, make sure that your heating vents and intakes aren’t blocked by any of your décor – like tinsel, rugs, and trees. When you cover vents, it can cause insufficient airflow that can wreak havoc on your furnace. But your vents aren’t the only thing to worry about. Also make sure you’re not covering your thermostat with decorations. This could cause your thermostat to misread the temperature in your home.

2. Keep Flammable Objects Away From Heat

The last thing you need or want to deal with over the holiday is a house fire! To be safe, make sure you are keeping any flammable objects at least 8-12 inches away from heat. Heat sources include your fireplace, heater, candles, and space heater, for example. On the topic of fires, also practice safety when you leave the house or go to sleep. You never want to leave holiday lights on, your candles lit, or your space heater on when you are not home or asleep.

3. Change Your Air Filter

Hosting guests? Before people arrive, replace your air filter. If your air filter is dirty, it can’t effectively remove pollutants from your house. Instead, these pollutants, like dust, dirt, mold, dander, and other debris linger in your air. Changing your air filter can help improve your indoor air quality so everyone can breathe easier this holiday season.

4. Turn Down Your Thermostat

When you have a house full of people, and you are also cooking all day, you may find your warm feels much warmer than usual. Plan to turn down your thermostat a degree or two before you have guests arrive. This will help ensure your home stays as comfortable as possible. You should also plan to turn down your thermostat if you are traveling for the holidays. There’s really no use in keeping your home warm if you’re not there to enjoy it! Plus, turning it down can help you save some money. Keep your home just warm enough so your pipes don’t freeze, and any pets inside the home can still stay comfortable.

5. Reverse Ceiling Fans

When you reverse the direction of your ceiling fans to rotate clockwise in the winter, it can help push warm air down. This will make sure your home stays comfortable, while also saving you money because your heater doesn’t have to work as long or as hard.

6. Tune Up Your Furnace

Schedule a furnace maintenance before your holiday plans! This is one of the best ways you can avoid a heating disaster. A professional will be able to make sure everything is in working condition, giving you peace of mind and comfort. Not to mention, it also will help prolong the life of your system and save you money on your heating bill.

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