Many homeowners would say that having a garbage disposal is a must-have! However, many people think a garbage disposal is a substitute for a trash can. Even though the name garbage “disposal” makes it sound that way, it should not be used like a trash can. There are many do’s and don’ts every homeowner should know about using their garbage disposal.

Garbage Disposal DO’s

1. Keep It Clean

To keep your disposal running efficiently, make sure you’re keeping it clean! This will help prevent foul odors from stinking up your kitchen while also preventing waste from collecting within the mechanisms of your disposal.

2. Continue Using Your Trash Can

When in doubt, use your trash can. If you’re ever unsure if an item belongs down the disposal, toss it! Really, the only thing that should be going down your disposal is smaller food scraps.

2. Use Cold Water

We’ve always been taught that hot water is better for breaking down food, but did you know hot water can actually be more harmful to your drains? This is because hot water tends to keep fats sticky and causes more build-up, whereas cold water keeps fats more solid and allows them to chop up much easier.

3. Use It Frequently

If you’re not using your garbage disposal regularly, you could face corrosion and rust and have to replace it much sooner than you would if you made a habit of using it often.

4. Cut Up Larger Food Scraps

To prevent clogs and blockages in your drains, make sure you’re cutting up larger food scraps. Or better yet, toss those larger bits in the trash can before putting your dishes in the sink.

Garbage Disposal DON’Ts

1. Use It As A Substitute For The Trash Can

Your garbage disposal isn’t a substitute for the trash can – or recycling bin. Make sure you’re only using your garbage disposal to wash off dishes with small food scraps – and toss the rest in the trash.

2. Put Certain Items Down There

Certain food items just simply do not belong! Make sure you’re not putting the following items down your drain:

  • Grease, Fat and Oil
  • Coffee Grounds
  • Eggshells
  • Pits and Seeds
  • Fibrous Foods
  • Bones
  • Skins and Peels
  • Nuts
  • Pasta and Rice

3. Try To Sharpen The Blades

Sharpening blades with ice cubes is a myth we want to put to rest. Don’t try to sharpen the blades, as this can lead to avoidable malfunctions and damage to your garbage disposal.

4. Use Harsh Chemicals

Got store-bought chemical drain cleaner hanging on your shelf for those emergency clog situations? Ditch ‘em! Those chemical drain cleaners are actually toxic and can cause damage to your pipes. It’s best that you avoid them all together.

5. Turn It Off Too Soon

When you run your disposal, make sure you do so with cold water. After the grinding stops, you can turn off the motor but leave the cold water running for a while longer. The cold water will help prevent clogs or blockages due to any additional bits that might still be hanging out down there.

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