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Spooky Noises Coming From Your Pipes And What They Mean?

Do your pipes go bump in the night? This can be scary to wake up to in the middle of the night. If you hear spooky noises coming from your pipes, don’t panic. Learn what the noises mean and how you can take action to resolve the problem.

1. Clunking

No, goblins aren’t running rampant around your home. However, this noise can still be concerning. Usually, if you hear clunking, it means that there is high water pressure in your pipes. Try shutting off your main water supply and drain your faucets to see if this resolves the issue for you.

2. Squealing

Yikes! Pipes that squeal? No thanks. Usually, if you hear squealing, it means there is water flowing from a large pipe into a smaller pipe. More than likely, you will just need to adjust the pressure valve or replace the valve or worn washer. Whatever the case may be, your local plumber will be able to help.

3. Hissing

A hissing sound can indicate a couple different things, depending on where exactly the noise is coming from. If the hissing sound is coming from your water fixture, then chances are your water pressure is too high. However, if it’s coming from your water heater, it usually just means your tank is refilling – which is nothing to worry about. If you’re concerned about the hissing noises coming from your plumbing system, don’t hesitate to contact a plumber.

4. Banging

Banging pipes is about as terrifying as it sounds. It’s likely not monsters, but rather coming from your water hammer. Usually, you hear your pipes banging when there’s been a sudden change in water pressure. This happens a lot when a tap is shut off. The pressure can cause pipes to bang into walls if the pipes are loose. Something like this shouldn’t ever be ignored, as it can eventually lead to broken pipes or damaged appliances if left unaddressed.

5. Whistling or Screaming

No one wants to be woken up by whistling or screaming. If your pipes are whistling or screaming, it likely means that water is trying to pass through a restricted valve or pipe clog. This can often be a result of excessive water pressure or flow speed, wear and tear on plumbing components or water mineral build-up. No matter the cause, whistling or screaming pipes is a sign of a plumbing problem that should be checked out by a professional plumber.

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How To Prepare Your HVAC System For Fall? Top 6 Tips

How To Prepare Your HVAC System For Fall? Top 6 Tips

Fall is officially here. Make sure not to fall behind when it comes to preparing your HVAC system for the season ahead. As weather gets colder, it’s essential to make sure your heating and cooling unit is up to the task. Here are 6 tips to preparing your HVAC system for fall.

1. Seal Air Leaks

If you notice drafts around your home, then chances are you are dealing with an air leak. This means that your HVAC unit won’t be able to work as efficiently, and you will actually be losing air. Decrease energy waste and prevent drafts this fall and winter by sealing your windows and doors with caulk and weather-stripping.

2. Check Thermostat Settings

Before temperatures drop significantly this fall and winter, make sure you’re checking and reconfiguring your thermostat settings. The same temperature you had set for July and August is most likely not the same settings that’ll keep you and your family comfortable this time of year. Changing the temperature settings with not only keep you and your family comfortable this fall, but it will also help ensure your HVAC system doesn’t go into overdrive.

3. Clean Vents and Registers

Are you planning to decorate for the fall season? One big mistake homeowners make is covering their vents and registers with decorations, furniture, or even carpeting. Make sure nothing is blocking your vents and registers. It’s important to make sure they’re clean of any belongings and also any debris, such as dust, dirt, dander, pollen. Cleaning vents and registers will help ensure your HVAC unit runs efficiently all season long.

4. Clean Your Outdoor Unit

Your outdoor unit can collect debris over time – this time of year especially. As the leaves start falling, there’s more of a chance you’ll find leaves, twigs, and other debris lodged into your outdoor unit. To avoid blockages and obstructed airflow, make sure you’re cleaning around your outdoor unit this season. You can also consider buying a cover for your outdoor unit. Even though it is built to withstand the elements, like rain and snow, it’s not built to keep out leaves and other items that can be hazardous. Cover your unit during the fall to avoid this problem.

5. Change Your Air Filter

The seasons aren’t the only thing changing. Your air filters should also be changing. Air filters should be changed frequently, around every 30-90 days. Dirty air filters can reduce the air quality in your home, and cause clogs in your system that prevent air from getting in. To keep your HVAC unit running smoothly and efficiently, make sure you’re changing them often.

6. Schedule Maintenance

Is your furnace ready for the cool winter months ahead? The best thing you can do for your HVAC unit is to have it maintained in the early fall. This will help ensure your unit is running at peak performance. The last thing you want to deal with is your furnace breaking down in the middle of winter.

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Top 4 Reasons You May Need Air Duct Repair

Your air ducts are hidden out of plain sight, so they’re not usually something you think about until there’s an issue that can’t be ignored. However, not all signs are noticeable enough to take immediate action. You could have mold that has gone undetected. Your energy bills could be high, and you don’t think twice about it. On the contrary, there may be signs that are impossible to ignore, such as foul odors, uneven temperatures and strange noises. Here are the top 4 reasons you may may need air duct repair – sooner rather than later.

1. Poor Air Flow

If you have cracks, tears, or poor sealing in your ducts, it can cause the air to leak. In turn, this makes it so less air is able to flow through your vents and very little air is circulated throughout your home. There are also other reasons you may be experiencing poor air flow. For one, you may have clogged air filters. It’s recommended you have your air filters changed every 1-3 months for this reason. Secondly, you could have crushed, blocked, improperly installed, or disconnected duct runs that will need to be looked at by a professional. If you have poor air flow, and are unsure of the cause, contact your local HVAC company for assistance.

2. Increased Indoor Allergies

You may be experiencing increased indoor allergies as a result of dirt, dust, dander, mold, or rodent infestation in your air ducts. If your ducts aren’t properly sealed, then you will likely be dealing with poor indoor air quality. Any openings in your air ducts can increase the amounts of dust, pollen, and other contaminants circulating through your air. These things can contribute to increased indoor allergies.

3. Leaking Ducts

Do you notice higher-than-usual energy bills? Hot and cold spots throughout your home? Increased dust? You may have leaky air ducts if you answered yes. When your ducts are leaking, air will leak through gaps, cracks, and holes in your ducts before it can reach you in your living space. Many people who notice poor air flow and hot and cold spots wonder if an AC repair is in order. However, a lot of people forget about their air ducts being a potential problem. To avoid costly repairs, save on energy bills, and maintain good indoor air quality, have leaks addressed as soon as possible by a professional.

4. Unusually High Energy Bills

As briefly mentioned above, high energy bills can be an indication of an issue in your air ducts. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, up to 30% of the energy that’s consumed by your HVAC unit can be lost due to faulty ductwork. Just because your energy bill is high, doesn’t necessarily mean it has to do with your ductwork. However, it certainly doesn’t hurt to look into it.

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Garbage Disposal Do’s and Don’ts: A Homeowners Ultimate Guide

Many homeowners would say that having a garbage disposal is a must-have! However, many people think a garbage disposal is a substitute for a trash can. Even though the name garbage “disposal” makes it sound that way, it should not be used like a trash can. There are many do’s and don’ts every homeowner should know about using their garbage disposal.

Garbage Disposal DO’s

1. Keep It Clean

To keep your disposal running efficiently, make sure you’re keeping it clean! This will help prevent foul odors from stinking up your kitchen while also preventing waste from collecting within the mechanisms of your disposal.

2. Continue Using Your Trash Can

When in doubt, use your trash can. If you’re ever unsure if an item belongs down the disposal, toss it! Really, the only thing that should be going down your disposal is smaller food scraps.

2. Use Cold Water

We’ve always been taught that hot water is better for breaking down food, but did you know hot water can actually be more harmful to your drains? This is because hot water tends to keep fats sticky and causes more build-up, whereas cold water keeps fats more solid and allows them to chop up much easier.

3. Use It Frequently

If you’re not using your garbage disposal regularly, you could face corrosion and rust and have to replace it much sooner than you would if you made a habit of using it often.

4. Cut Up Larger Food Scraps

To prevent clogs and blockages in your drains, make sure you’re cutting up larger food scraps. Or better yet, toss those larger bits in the trash can before putting your dishes in the sink.

Garbage Disposal DON’Ts

1. Use It As A Substitute For The Trash Can

Your garbage disposal isn’t a substitute for the trash can – or recycling bin. Make sure you’re only using your garbage disposal to wash off dishes with small food scraps – and toss the rest in the trash.

2. Put Certain Items Down There

Certain food items just simply do not belong! Make sure you’re not putting the following items down your drain:

  • Grease, Fat and Oil
  • Coffee Grounds
  • Eggshells
  • Pits and Seeds
  • Fibrous Foods
  • Bones
  • Skins and Peels
  • Nuts
  • Pasta and Rice

3. Try To Sharpen The Blades

Sharpening blades with ice cubes is a myth we want to put to rest. Don’t try to sharpen the blades, as this can lead to avoidable malfunctions and damage to your garbage disposal.

4. Use Harsh Chemicals

Got store-bought chemical drain cleaner hanging on your shelf for those emergency clog situations? Ditch ‘em! Those chemical drain cleaners are actually toxic and can cause damage to your pipes. It’s best that you avoid them all together.

5. Turn It Off Too Soon

When you run your disposal, make sure you do so with cold water. After the grinding stops, you can turn off the motor but leave the cold water running for a while longer. The cold water will help prevent clogs or blockages due to any additional bits that might still be hanging out down there.

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8 Health And Wellness Benefits Of Air Purifiers

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8 Health And Wellness Benefits Of Air Purifiers

Air purifiers do more than just improve the quality of air inside your home. They also improve the quality of your health. Here are 8 health and wellness benefits of investing in an air purifier for your home.

1. Reduces Allergies

If you have bad allergies and purchase box after box of Kleenex, then it may be time to consider an air purifier. Air purifiers can greatly reduce your allergic reactions because they eliminate pollen, pet dander and other allergens from your air.

2. Helps Eliminate Airborne Illnesses

Most air purifiers are made with HEPA filters (high efficiency particulate air). These filters are designed to filter out contaminants and pollutants that pass through them. This includes viruses that could pass through your home.

3. Improves Sleep

Say goodbye to restless nights, and hello to better sleep! Poor indoor air quality that causes allergies or other irritations can greatly impact your sleep. However, air purifiers improve your indoor air quality and make sure certain pollutants and allergens don’t irritate you while you try sleeping peacefully.

4. Helps Reduce Stress

We often don’t realize just how much our environment can cause stress in our lives. The toxins in your air can cause your stress levels to increase. If you’re someone who lives with air pollution around you, you may experience high stress levels. However, an air purifier can get rid of those toxins and help reduce your stress.

5. Protects You From Mold

Living with mold isn’t only inconvenient and gross, but it can also be harmful to your health. Luckily, air purifiers work to protect you from it by absorbing the mold spores and killing them. Mold thrives best in humid and moist conditions. If you find that humidity is an issue in your home, you could have an increased chance of mold growth. That’s nothing an air purifier can’t fix, though!

6. Kills Germs

Most air purifiers are designed to eliminate toxins and pollutants from the air. Air purifiers with ultraviolet lights, however, do more than just filter out the germs – they kill them. If this is a concern of yours, check into getting an air purifier with UV lights specifically.

7. Alleviates Odors

Do you have smells you just can’t seem to get rid of? Maybe it’s dirty laundry, wet dog, rotten food, or something else. These smells can be hard to live with and most homeowners will try masking the smell with air fresheners and candles. However, a lot of air fresheners and candles are toxic and can do more harm than good to your health and overall air quality. Instead, consider an air purifier. Many air purifiers can fight the odors and allergens that linger around your home.

8. Protects Your Immune System

We are exposed to viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens that can be dangerous to our health all the time. Our immune systems play an essential role in protecting us from getting sick. That’s why they say keeping your immune system strong is always a good idea, such as eating healthy meals, exercising regularly, and of course breathing in healthy air. Air purifiers work to filter out anything harmful from the air – such as pollutants, bacteria, chemicals, contaminants, allergens, and more. This helps you avoid getting sick, or at least helping you recover much quicker than you would otherwise.

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6 Common Summer Plumbing Problems Homeowners Face

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6 Common Summer Plumbing Problems Homeowners Face

Oh, sweet summertime. Unfortunately, summer brings more than just sunshine and pool fun. It also can bring a heap of plumbing problems to the table. Here are the 6 common summer plumbing problems you should be aware of.

1. Garbage Disposal Clogs

This summer, you may find yourself cooking more. After all, summertime is for cookouts, BBQ’s and block parties! However, be mindful of the stress your garbage disposal may be under. It’s important to remember that certain things don’t belong down the drain, such as fruit rinds, corn cobs, meat grease, chicken bones, popsicle wrappers, and more.

2. Clogged Toilets

Are you hosting out-of-town guests this summer? Is your home popular amongst all the neighborhood kids? Are your kids home for summer break? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then your toilet will be getting  a lot more use than usual. The added flushes can increase wear and tear on handles, chains, and flappers. Not only that, but you should also make sure your guests, kids, and their friends know proper bathroom etiquette – and what NOT to flush. For example, if it’s not waste or toilet paper, it doesn’t belong down there!

3. Slow Draining Showers

If you’re taking a trip to the beach this season, then chances are you’re bringing home more than just tan lines! You will likely find sand, pebbles and more around your car and house for weeks. It’s important that you rinse of before stepping into the shower though, Sand, dirt, and pebbles can lead to drain clogs in your shower. If you happen to notice your shower drains clogging this summer, don’t reach for that chemical drain cleaner. That can actually cause more harm than good to your pipes. It’s best to call a plumber instead.

4. Sprinkler Problems

A lot of homeowners have in-ground sprinkler systems, and put them to good use this time of year. However, the increased foot traffic in your lawn – such as kids playing, mowers, and more – can lead to damaged sprinkler heads. If you find you have a leak in one or more of your sprinklers, contact a plumber. A leaking sprinkler can lead to increased water usage and high water bills if not addressed.

5. Overloaded and Overused Washing Machines

During the summer, most homeowners find they end up doing a lot more laundry than usual. This is likely due to vacations, more trips to the pool or lake, and outdoor activities. Overusing and overloading your washing machine can eventually lead to leaks in your hose. A hose leak can increase your water, flood your home, and cause a lot of damage if not fixed.

6. Outdoor Faucet Leaks

We think a lot about our indoor plumbing system, but have you thought about your outdoor plumbing system recently? Outdoor faucets get a lot more use in the summer – from filling up pools, to car washes, to slip n’ slides, to sprinklers, and more. If you have a leak, however, you can waste up 90 gallons of water a day which ultimately results in high water bills.

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How To Stay Cool While Waiting On AC Repairs?

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How To Stay Cool While Waiting On AC Repairs?

Your AC broke down in the middle of summer but your local HVAC company is booked and now you have to wait to have it repaired. Now what? No one likes to be without air conditioning during the hot, unbearable summer months. Luckily, there are ways you can stay cool while waiting on AC repairs.

1. Take A Cold Shower or Bath

Taking a cold shower or bath is a great way to cool off quickly if you find yourself overheating. This will help lower your body’s core temperature. You can also use cold washcloths on your wrist, neck, or feet.

2. Stay Hydrated

Drink lots of water! Staying hydrated will naturally do wonders for you, helping you to not overheat. Your body won’t be able to cool itself without enough moisture, which you will get from drinking more water. Also make sure the water you are drinking is safe. This is when a water filtration system comes in handy. Home Service Solutions can help with this!

3. Use Fans

Whether box fans or ceiling fans, now is a good time to use those! However, if you’re using ceiling fans, then make sure you have them set to rotate counterclockwise. This will help circulate the air downward, creating that wind chill effect that will help you stay cool when you don’t have air conditioning.

4. Close Your Curtains, Blinds, and Shades

Using curtains, blinds and shades is a great way to block out the sun, which generates a lot of heat. To take it one step further, install blackout curtains. This can help insulate the room and reduce the temperature increases as the day goes on.

5. Keep Your Windows and Doors Closed During The Day

During the day, it’s best to keep all windows and doors shut. Keeping them open will only allow the humidity and warmth to enter your home. However, at night, it’s often recommended to keep your windows open if you can do so safely. At night, it’s much cooler outside and letting that air inside will help cool your home down.

6. Limit Use Of The Stove and Oven

Cook outside as much as you can this summer. However, if it’s too hot, make sure you are only cooking in the early morning or late evening. Another option to help you eliminate the use of your stove and oven is to use your crockpot, microwave, and toaster more often to cook meals. These appliances don’t generate nearly as much heat as your stove and oven do.

7. Keep Lights Turned Off

If possible, keep your lights turned off during the day – and especially in rooms that you aren’t using. We don’t often realize just how much heat lights can generate. Keeping them turned off as much as possible is a great way to help your home stay cool while waiting on AC repairs.

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Top Benefits of a Home Water Filtration System For Summertime Activities

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Top Benefits of a Home Water Filtration System For Summertime Activities

Warmer days are upon us, and that can only mean two things: drinking more water to stay hydrated and more fun, water-filled outdoor activities! It’s important you have clean, safe water so you can enjoy your summer worry-free. That’s why it’s a good idea to invest in a home water filtration system just in time for all the fun. Here are the top benefits of a home water filtration system for your summertime activities.

1. Better Hydration

Hydration is so important in general, but especially during the hot summer months. You’ll want to make sure you are drinking enough water. However, that can be hard to do if you’re stuck drinking water that doesn’t taste pleasant or that smells bad. Unless you have a filtration system, getting water directly from the tap may be your only option for water – and buying plastic water bottles from the store can not only be harmful to the environment, but the cost can also start to add up significantly. To save money in the long run, and to have good, clean water you actually enjoy consuming, have a home water filtration system installed. The last thing you want to deal with is dehydration during the hot summers because you can’t stand to drink your water!

2. Clean, Safe Water For Playing Outside

You may be starting to think about pulling out the sprinkler or filling up the swimming pool. If you’re like most families, then there will likely be lots of outdoor play that involves water for the next few months. It’s not uncommon for some of the water to be consumed during playtime – either on purpose or by pure accident. Many of us have swallowed a bunch of pool water before, or drank directly out of the hose as young kids. If you don’t currently have a filtration system in place, then you can bet that water isn’t the cleanest. However, if you invest in a home water filtration system, the filtered water makes it possible to play in clean water and not have to worry about it.

3. Heathier Skin and Hair

Who doesn’t like a nice relaxing shower that leaves your skin feeling fresh, and your hair feeling soft? In the summer, a lot of people take multiple showers a day – especially if they stay pretty active with going for jogs, visiting water parks, or going for a swim at the lake or a community pool. If you have hard water, it could leave your skin feeling dried out. Not only that, but a lot of unfiltered water can be full of toxins that just aren’t safe in general. A home water filtration system can make your showers and baths cleaner ad healthier.

 4. Environmentally-Friendly and Cost-Effective

As briefly mentioned above, buying plastic water bottles can be harmful to the environment. If you’re resorting to buying case after case of those each summer, then think about how much money you could save long term by just investing in a filtration system – and how much you could be saving the environment.

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Kitchen Remodeling Trends To Keep Your Eye On This Summer

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Kitchen Remodeling Trends To Keep Your Eye On This Summer

Remodeling your kitchen can be a fun task, but it can also be overwhelming. There are so many things to consider: design, cabinets, countertops, appliances, plumbing, and more. Not only that, but you don’t want to remodel your kitchen and have it start to feel dated in only a few years. That’s why looking at popular kitchen trends is the way to go. Here are some kitchen remodeling trends to keep your eye on this summer!

1. Minimalistic

For a few years now, that minimalistic look has been rather popular – and we don’t see that changing anytime soon. In fact, this look hasn’t just been a hot design trend for kitchens, but for the entire house. The minimalistic look includes everything from the counters to the appliances and the fixtures – and helps keep things looking tidy and clean. You’ll start to see more clean lines, no knobs, smooth surfaces, and more in minimalistic kitchens.

2. Black Fixtures

You’ll start to see that copper, brass, chrome, and gold fixtures are a thing of the past. Now, more and more homeowners are turning to matte black accents. From faucets to cabinet handles, you can really update your space and keep it looking modern and sleek. In fact, this black look can fit in with a variety of different styles. Whether you’re looking for ultra-modern, minimalistic, or classic, black fixtures can achieve that desired look.

2. Colorful Kitchens

For a long time, we were seeing white kitchens as a hot trend. While they still are, colorful kitchens with bold patterns and color choices are also making a comeback. A lot of people are choosing to add color with their appliances and backsplashes, as to not go overboard with their color palette. In fact, more natural colors like green and grey are the most popular. However, no judgment if you wanted to add in some orange or yellow to really brighten things up!

3. Smart Appliances

Homes are becoming more and more automated, and if you’re planning on remodeling your kitchen this summer, then you may want to consider jumping on this trend. Smart appliances that can be controlled from an app on your phone aren’t going away anytime soon. You’ll find that more homes are investing in the smart faucets, Alexa-controlled microwaves, Wi-Fi enabled coffee machines, and more. This is also a great investment if you’re planning to sell your home after the remodel. Smart appliances can really increase your home value.

4. Sink Workstations

Sink workstations can add a huge amount of functionality while maintaining that clean, sleek appearance homeowners want. In fact, sink workstations offer a variety of benefits. It’s no wonder it’s a trend in kitchens these days – and we’re beginning to wonder why this hasn’t been a trend for several years already. They offer:

  • Space Savings: Sink workstations can help save on counter space.
  • Lots of Features: They can make your meal prep a breeze by offering features such as cutting boards, drying racks, strainers, racks for dirt dishes, holders for dishes, and more.
  • Limits Cross-Contamination: If you’re doing all your meal prep on one counter, it can increase your risk of cross-contamination. A sink workstation allows you to keep food separate.
  • Clean Up is a Breeze: Who doesn’t love an easy clean-up? Since a sink workstation will allow you to keep things in one place, transferring food waste to the garbage, cleaning dishes, and wiping up your area is so much easier than ever before.

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Top 7 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs To Be Repaired

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Top 7 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs To Be Repaired

Even though air conditioners are designed to last anywhere between 10-15 years, sometimes a repair is inevitable. Here in Loveland, CO, where the summers are warm, air conditioning is necessary for comfort. The last thing you need to deal with is a broken unit on the hottest day of the year. Here are the top 7 signs your air conditioner needs to be repaired.

1. Poor Airflow

Insufficient airflow is a tell-tale sign that your air conditioner isn’t working efficiently. Usually, this indicates a blockage that is preventing air from moving through your ductwork. If cleaning your unit, or changing your filter, doesn’t solve the problem, then you may have a bigger issue on your hands. For example, it could be a broken motor that’s to blame. To determine whether you need to repair or replace your unit, contact a professional HVAC technician.

2. Bad Smells

Bad smells aren’t only unpleasant, but they could indicate an issue with your HVAC unit. If you notice these smells are coming from your unit, you should look into an air conditioner tune-up or a complete cleaning to see if that removes the smell. If it doesn’t, then your unit may need another solution like a UV lamp or another indoor air quality solution to help.

3. Strange Noises

Your air conditioner may make a small noise when it first kicks on, but it shouldn’t be persistent – and it shouldn’t be loud and or unusual. If you notice rattling or buzzing noises, you may have a loose part that needs tightening. If you notice whistling or grinding noises, you may have a more serious problem going on inside your unit. No matter the noise, you should have it addressed quickly before it worsens.

4. Water Leaks

A little condensation is normal around your AC unit. However, if you see large pools of water or coolant leakage, know that you have a problem that needs to be addressed quickly. Not only can this water leaking cause high utility bills, but it can also cause damage to your home. Coolant leakage, especially, can be hazardous and harmful to your health. If small enough, this usually can be repaired by a professional. However, if a replacement is necessary, your local HVAC contractor will go over your options with you.

5. Frequent Cycles

During the summer, you can expect your air conditioner to turn on more frequently. However, if you notice it is turning on and off constantly, then you may have a problem. Usually a tune-up or a quick repair can resolve this problem. In worst cases, a replacement is necessary if the technician finds significant problems with your unit.

6. Warm Air

An AC unit should be blowing out cold air – not warm air. If your AC is on but you feel warm air blowing through your vents, first check your thermostat to make sure it’s set to cooling mode. If it is, you may have a problem with your compressor or restricted airflow as a result of a blockage. Contact a professional for maintenance and/or repair to fix this issue.

7. High Humidity

Does your home feel unusually humid? While humidity can surely increase during the summer, you shouldn’t be feeling constant high humidity and that sticky feeling. This could be due to leaky ductwork or an issue with your air conditioner that needs your attention. Have a professional inspect your unit and determine the cause and solution.

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