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8 Health And Wellness Benefits Of Air Purifiers

Air purifiers do more than just improve the quality of air inside your home. They also improve the quality of your health. Here are 8 health and wellness benefits of investing in an air purifier for your home.

1. Reduces Allergies

If you have bad allergies and purchase box after box of Kleenex, then it may be time to consider an air purifier. Air purifiers can greatly reduce your allergic reactions because they eliminate pollen, pet dander and other allergens from your air.

2. Helps Eliminate Airborne Illnesses

Most air purifiers are made with HEPA filters (high efficiency particulate air). These filters are designed to filter out contaminants and pollutants that pass through them. This includes viruses that could pass through your home.

3. Improves Sleep

Say goodbye to restless nights, and hello to better sleep! Poor indoor air quality that causes allergies or other irritations can greatly impact your sleep. However, air purifiers improve your indoor air quality and make sure certain pollutants and allergens don’t irritate you while you try sleeping peacefully.

4. Helps Reduce Stress

We often don’t realize just how much our environment can cause stress in our lives. The toxins in your air can cause your stress levels to increase. If you’re someone who lives with air pollution around you, you may experience high stress levels. However, an air purifier can get rid of those toxins and help reduce your stress.

5. Protects You From Mold

Living with mold isn’t only inconvenient and gross, but it can also be harmful to your health. Luckily, air purifiers work to protect you from it by absorbing the mold spores and killing them. Mold thrives best in humid and moist conditions. If you find that humidity is an issue in your home, you could have an increased chance of mold growth. That’s nothing an air purifier can’t fix, though!

6. Kills Germs

Most air purifiers are designed to eliminate toxins and pollutants from the air. Air purifiers with ultraviolet lights, however, do more than just filter out the germs – they kill them. If this is a concern of yours, check into getting an air purifier with UV lights specifically.

7. Alleviates Odors

Do you have smells you just can’t seem to get rid of? Maybe it’s dirty laundry, wet dog, rotten food, or something else. These smells can be hard to live with and most homeowners will try masking the smell with air fresheners and candles. However, a lot of air fresheners and candles are toxic and can do more harm than good to your health and overall air quality. Instead, consider an air purifier. Many air purifiers can fight the odors and allergens that linger around your home.

8. Protects Your Immune System

We are exposed to viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens that can be dangerous to our health all the time. Our immune systems play an essential role in protecting us from getting sick. That’s why they say keeping your immune system strong is always a good idea, such as eating healthy meals, exercising regularly, and of course breathing in healthy air. Air purifiers work to filter out anything harmful from the air – such as pollutants, bacteria, chemicals, contaminants, allergens, and more. This helps you avoid getting sick, or at least helping you recover much quicker than you would otherwise.

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