With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, you are probably starting to get ready to host a big dinner and see family from out of town. What you don’t need or want when trying to enjoy a delightful dinner and much needed family time is plumbing troubles. Here are 5 plumbing tips to gobble up this holiday season so you can enjoy family without worry.

1. Create A Shower Schedule

Are you hosting overnight guests at your home this holiday? If so, you may want to consider creating a shower schedule to give your water heater a much needed break. Increased shower traffic can put a strain on your water heater, so it’s recommended to have guests space out their showers at least 10-15 minutes between use. This will allow enough time for your tank to refill and also enough time for the hair moving through your plumbing to disperse. The last thing you want to deal with is a clog or backed up pipes!

2. Prepare Your Bathroom

Your shower won’t be the only thing getting extra attention from your guests – your toilet will, also. Make sure guests know what can and cannot be flushed so you can prevent clogs. Items such as cotton balls, hair, toys, paper towels, and feminine hygiene products do not belong in your toilet. Also make sure to keep a plunger next to the toilet in case any plumbing emergencies do arise during the holidays.

3. Don’t Put Leftovers Down The Drain

Be extra mindful of what you’re putting down the drain. There’s nothing like drainage issues to completely spoil and ruin your holiday plans. Remember to never pour things like oil, grease or fat down your drain. They can lead to clogs so make sure you are wiping off grease and letting dishes cool before placing them in the sink. And always dispose of leftovers in the trash! Other items, like bones, potato peels and pasta don’t belong down there either.

4. Don’t Try DIY Methods

Thanksgiving is not the time to try becoming a DIY expert – especially if you are hosting guests in just a few days! Attempting to fix the plumbing issue yourself without having the knowledge, expertise, proper tools and equipment, can lead to much bigger plumbing issues. It’s best to contact a plumber if you run into a plumbing emergency this holiday season.

5. Schedule Plumbing Maintenance

Have your plumbing checked out before the Thanksgiving holiday! This will help ensure that your plumbing system is operating properly and you won’t be running into issues like leaks, toilet problems, or low water pressure when hosting company.

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